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Produced by Jim Korkis Written & Directed by Kirk Bowman

 "...Sexy and hilarious. My no. one choice of AC#5's pick for best flesh flick...
---- Edwards, Alternative Cinema #5

"... Check it out, you'll like it."

---- Draculina #23

 Junk Food Ingredients: Generous scoops of sweet fun, dollops of laughter and some hysterical characters. Sprinkled with lots of nudity. (Don't let the title fool you- "CyberSex" sounds tough, but formerly titled"Mind Control Madness" is a light and fluffy adventure.)

Neighbor girls get a tan
Two computer Geeks, Sam and Bradley use a computer program that can actually change emotions. Now, their friend Kenny can play golf anytime, and get non-stop back rubs, beer and pampering-from lingerie-clad Allison, plus no jealousy- what a deal! Well... the guys cash in on their software. Soon, orders are piled literally to the ceiling.

Orders are piled to the ceiling, but Courtney observes strange behavior when she and Allison are shopping downtown. A businessman innocently snaps his fingers (Kenny's cue for Allison to change) and Allison slams the businessman face-down into the sidewalk, giving him a back massage. Courtney enlists the help of a handsome private detective who helps her crack the case. - They fall for one another and share passion like they've never known before.

Courtney & Allison see dangerTo add to the mayhem, a mob boss and his sleazy attorney get wind of the program and try to steal it for the country of the highest bidder to control the world. Then, an egomaniac psychiatrist wants it to cure all his patients with the program so he can win the Nobel Peace Prize.

The program bounces back and forth, until at the end it's a big surprise who ends up with the powerful mind-controlling software!

Sam gets his karma!

Drink up!Serving Suggestions:
Chinese food and fortune cookies will set the mood for Wade and Courtney's steamy love scene. Beer (make sure it's served to you well-chilled) or champagne (but don't do what Bradley does when he opens a bottle)... or a nice, fun exotic drink.

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