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Revenge of Mr. Willie


Associate Producer Bob Elyea Written & Directed by Kirk Bowman

The 1960's - It was the Crawling Hand. 1970's - Jaws. 2005... It's Mr. Willie- the most menacing predator of thPete & Taylorem all!

This is not just another case of "girl cuts off dead boyfriend's penis" Taylor is the sweet college girl who falls for a complete low-life- Pete. As they make love right in the middle of the living floor, he has a heart attack and croaks. Marney, his neighbor and other lover, rushes in and gets in a knife fight with Taylor. They accidentally sever "Mr. Willie". It's John Wayne Bobbitt all over again!

This is only the beginning- Mr. Willie is missing. Cops lead by hard-boiled Chicago cop Detective Buck arrive at the crime scene and do an all-out search for the missing appendage. He threatens to throw Taylor in jail if she doesn't return "Pete's privates"

- Sexy Comedy Horror

108 Mins.
Waiting for the little monster Mr. Willie is alive- he (it) attacks Taylor and her roommates- hops along the carpet and dive bombs them through the air. Mr. Willie dunks Tasha in the bathtub and tries to escape in a motorized toy car.

There is one hope- Taylor visits a paranormal specialist who gives them help, but Marney wants to keep Mr. Willie alive to terrorize Taylor (and maybe feature him in a circus act). The climax (forgive any pun here) is a big fight scene in the cemetery and despite Mr. Willie being: Run over by rollerbladers pierced by confused lesbians kicked, mauled by a kitty-cat... You'll never believe how Mr. Willie meets his gruesome end!


"Sexploitation at its finest... With more sex scenes than a late night Skin-a-Max feature and a flying, screaming severed penis, 'Revenge of Mr. Willie' breaks new ground in bad taste humor and ridiculos horror."
---- Brian Bertoldo, FILM THREAT

"Revenge of Mr Willie is like the coolest fever dream I've ever had. It's filled with sexy actresses that can actually move such a ridiculous premise along (and are either naked or in their underwear throughout the proceedings), it's got special effects worthy of Ed Wood, and it's hilarious. Maybe not even in the ribald slapstick way it was intended- I mean, dicks dressed up in little suits only carries a joke so far- but in that bad fun, hallucinogenic, sick fuck kind of way that hits you deep in the belly and leaves you rolling around on the couch in fits of hysterics at the absurdity of it all. This film is the most fun I've had at 4 in the morning since that time I passed out at the haunted hayride."
---- Sleazegrinder.com

It's no tarantula! In the Bond movie "Dr. No", a tarantula crawled up Bond's chest- well, Taylor starts to sweat as something deadly is crawling from under the covers- it's Mr. Willie! Marney gets pissed! The Star of the Show...
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