Who can invest?
Anyone over 18 who wants to be an Executive Producer. We require that an investor's lifestyle will not be adversely impacted in the event that his/her investment not be recouped (this is such a small amount of money, that it's probably not an issue.) We follow all Federal and State of California laws about working with investors.

Can I be an investor even if I'm located outside the US?
Sure! But we encourage you to follow all regulations of your particular country.

How much profit could I make?
This is not a big Hollywood epic... but you never know how something might catch on. "Blair Witch" was made for under a thousand bucks and recouped hundreds of thousands. This is one industry where you just can't predict a profit amount. There are many venues, which makes this exciting... DVD and VHS sales in the US and abroad, possible small cable TV deals, online pay-per-view sites, sales from various affiliate websites... Film Festival exposure... then as the website for this particular movie/talent evolves, and word-of-mouth... it could have tremendous profit potential.

What is my Profit?
The first monies that come in will go to the investors until their entire investment is paid back... then the Investors will get a 40% cut on all sales/rentals related to the movie. Check the particular project you are investing in to see the Unit cost. Your profit will also be derived from all website-related sales.

So I'm investing in more than just a movie?
Exactly. You may see recoupment from our official fan website and advertising on there too. This is something that could grow and grow over time, if it doesn't catch on immediately.

What if there are several investors?
Investors will get a portion of that 40% in relation to the number of units purchased. For example, say there are two investors who bought a total of 10 units... Investor #1 bought 4 units and Investor #2 bought 6 units... They have recouped their investment, then we get a check for $1000 on sales to a DVD Club. 40% of $1000 is $400. Investor #1 will get $160 and Investor #2 will get $240, and $600 goes to the company. If in this example there is only one Investor, he would get the entire $400.

When might I see my investment back?
This is such a miniscule investment compared to most movies, that you could see it far sooner than big movies. It's usually a slow start, and it takes time for DVD sales to build and advertising to grow. It could be a few months after the shoot or more than a year.

Should I invest or make a donation through PayPal?
You'll have limited liability both ways... especially in just making a donation. Donating is easier. Both ways have the same return, same Executive Producer credit. Investing is per unit... donations can be in any amount. A small donation of any kind will get you special thanks on the credits, and the same amount as the minimum unit investment will get you the Executive Producer credit. Ultimately, you should discuss these options with your accountant.

What kind of business will this be?
Limited partnership, but we plan to form a Nevada corporation later this year.

Can I invest in more than one project?


Can I invest a portion of the budget?
Yes, investment in each project is divided into "units". You may purchase as many units as you wish in any project you wish.

Will I still get Executive Producer credit even if I buy only one unit?
Yes, but you will share that credit with the other(s) who also invest. Investors who invest the most units in a certain project will receive higher billing (and of course, higher return.)

Am I guaranteed my investment will go to the movie I specify?
Yes, however in the event the movie you invest in doesn't get the total investment necessary, it will be returned to you.

What priority do you give to investors?
First come-first served. Should we, for example, receive the full investment from you and at the same time as partial units from another investor, we will accept the full investment, and return the partial units to that investor (or see if he/she would like to apply them to another project).

How can you produce a movie on such a low budget?
We have learned to move quickly and eliminate waste that most productions have. Shooting on high-end Digital equipment makes a low budget very realistic. We use free or inexpensive locations and have a minimal crew. Most of the actors get very little pay, opting to receive a piece when the project sells. We take a risk, you take a risk, and so do the actors. This makes for a team-feeling of everyone chipping in - everyone is an investor, so-to-speak - of time, money and/or talents.

Am I allowed any input in the project or am I a silent partner?
Your input is welcome! Movies almost never take suggestions from investors, but we encourage you to participate. We know the market, our business, and creative choices, but will certainly listen to suggestions. You are part of the team!

Can I visit the set during production?
We encourage it. It is nice to be on set and see how it all goes together. On the set, you'll be a part of the production team, however, there can't be a bunch of people making decisions. The director will listen to suggestions, but the decision of the director on set is final. If you're flying into town, it'll all be a business write off for you… but not a part of the budget. These are small productions, not the big buzz of a Hollywood set - There'll be 4 or 5 on the crew and some actors.

Will all three projects be produced?
Possibly, but we will focus on the one that raises money first… then the others will follow. Each project is uniquely different in type of project. market andthe venues it will be promoted.

What are the Distribution options?
Many. The primary venue for all will be DVD. All will be direct-to-DVD, and probably not shown theatrically. There are DVD clubs, websites we will promote the movies on. There are online streaming pay-per-view possibilities too.

Can we get a Distribution deal up front?
That is almost impossible unless you have stars attached to the project, but with proper promotion, there are lots of venues available for us.

Is there nudity in these movies?
Only in the horror movie - There will be lots of nudity in that one. The sorority movie will feature models in skimpy bikinis, and revealing lingerie… but will be more of a tease.

What would the movies be rated?
"Back of the Line" PG-13, "Cheerleader's Poison Pizza Party" PG-13 for language, sexuality and "Blood Sucking Babes from Burbank" R for nudity. We plan to get no official ratings from MPAA, but this will become necessary if a project sells to cable. Getting an MPAA rating is already built into the budget for "Back of the Line".

Are these the final titles of the Movies?
Maybe, but for now they are just working titles, subject to change.

Could the "Cheerleader Poison Pizza..." or "Blood Sucking Babes..." be considered soft porn?
A lot of the conservative factions today might consider "Mary Poppins" soft porn… but no, even though they will be very sexy, they will have the feel of a B-Movie, not a late-night soft porn thing.

Would they sell better if they were a soft porn?
Soft porn is a market all to itself - a different market than a B-Movie audiences, which we are going for. Soft-porns are cranked out and usually just hardcore movies shot from different camera angles that don't show everything. Porn is a sex movie with a plot too, and B-movies are story, genre and characters movies that are sexy too.

Can I meet and hang out with the models in the movie?
You can meet them all, and spend time with them on the set, but these are professional models. Most are dedicated to their work and not looking for involvement, especially on the set. That being said, it is of course up to an individual model if she wants to go on a date or something. This is something that you should not look forward to, though.

Is the Premiere screening kind of a bonus for the actors and crew?
Well, yes, but mainly for the Press and prospective distributors. It's a fun time where the hard work of production is behind us and we can all relax and have fun together.

I'd like to invest in one of the movies, but I'm not sure which one.

It depends on your particular taste. "Back of the Line" is a real movie… the others are lighter, more tongue-in-cheek B-Movies. Go with the one you're most excited about... or buy a unit in a couple of them. Cost of the units will be a big factor too.

How long will these take to shoot?
Approximately, "Back of the Line" - 12-14 days, "Blood Sucking Babes from Burbank" 6-7 days, "Cheerleader Pizza Party Poison" 3-4 days.

How long to edit?
"Back of the Line" - 6 weeks, the others less than a month.

Are there other income sources?
Many. We plan to create a fan site for each movie and promote the actors/models as much as the movie itself, to build up a fan base.

Can I get more details than listed in this FAQ section?
Yes. The next step is for us to send you a prospectus describing the entire projects and offering a detailed budget. You can also call us at 818-248-9764.

How do I invest?
At the end of the Prospectus is a simple agreement. Return the signed original. You may purchase your unit(s) via paypal, or mail in a check or money order.

Is movie investment really that high risk?
It is very high risk… but then again, this is such a minute amount. Most movies need to recoup hundreds of thousands to break even. When you think about it... every investment has a certain amount of risk. These movies aren't a one-shot deal. As new markets open up, more income could come in. If a movie doesn't sell right away, it might start picking up a few months down the line.

Will investing in this give me an important Hollywood credit?
It'll be great for your resume, but these are small scale productions. If the movie you invest in really takes off and becomes popular though, it could be a wonderful and prestigious credit for you.

Are movies a good investment vs. stock or other commodities?
It's like that quote in the beginning... If you're looking for something more stable and straightforward, stocks are good, certain bonds… but if you want to invest in something more fun, and maybe more different than you've ever tried, movies are perfect. Whatever age, it can be an exciting experience.
Do you have more samples than the previews on this site?

What is the company's operating history?
Cranium Candy Entertainment is owned and operated by indie filmmaker Kirk Bowman. Bowman started making films in 1991, and opened the website in 1996. More company details will be included in the Prospectus. You can also visit in the meantime.

What does the Prospectus consist of?
More details, especially in the schedule and budget. It is not an endless legal document, it's short and concise, and easy, clear read. We want you to know exactly where your money is going, so every dollars appears on the screen.

Am I under any obligation after I receive the prospectus?
Not at all. Just look it over and invest if you like, or not. We'd prefer not to have an investor who is grudgingly doing this, skeptical and expecting a great return immediatel. We want fun people who appreciate being part of a creative project.

I'd like to invest in a movie that's a different type or on a bigger scale than these. Can I?
We have scripts from every genre... and can develop a special one as well. If you wish to put up funding on a particular genre not mentioned here, let us know what you want to do. Anything is possible... Even in a much bigger production using name actors.

Can I make an investment online?
Yes, but we do not accept investments until a prospective investor has read the Investor Prospectus and risk factors involved with these entertainment projects and signed the Agreement. We will however, gratefully accept donations of any amount.

What if I want to have my own idea for a movie made and put up all the funding?
If you put up the funding, we can even produce a movie specifically for you and your budget - starring you and your friends if you wish... for a fraction of the cost you'd invest anywhere else, you could have a movie produced specifically for you. Email us with your thoughts or questions.