The fun sequel to "Curse of the Pink Panties." Spirits of dead gangsters are snatched from the afterlife back to Earth, to be recruits in an Evil Army. They hide out in the panties of some sexy models to escape.

"Curse of the Pink Panties"

A deadly gun fight and sexy young starlets chanting a magic spell at that moment, force the floating gangster spirits to be sucked from their "afterlife journey" into the girls' panties.

"Blood Sucking Babes from Burbank"

Gory horror based on a true story. Archeology students unearth a cursed jewel box in the Burbank mountain
s that turns the girls into bloodthirsty cannibals.

"CyberSex Kittens - Hosted by the Sexy VJ Party Girls"

Join Fawn & Lindsey as they slide under the covers with some popcorn and watch the fun, sexy feature about guys who develop a software that can control girls' emotions.

Revenge of Mr. Willie Revenge of Mr. Willie
When a sweet college co-ed accidentally cuts off her dead boyfriend's penis, it comes to life and terrorizes the girls. WATCH NOW!
Sex, Chocolate & Zombie Republicans Sex, Chocolate & Zombie Republicans
The lovely Jessica mails a mysterious, ancient chain letter to friends and family... soon the age-old curse turns their deepest fears into reality.
CyberSex Kittens CyberSex Kittens
Two fat little "pervs" invent a computer program that controls girls' emotions. They live it up till a mobster tries to steal their software and take over the world.

Bikini Beach Bust
Four hot bikini girls on the beach accidentally get in the middle of a drug pick-up, and toss the "merchandise" in the waves, thinking it's dolphin food. The drug runners have to face "Mr. Big" with the news.

Shattered Dreams & the Pretty Peach Martini
A sweet girl comes to LA to work at a talent acency. She finds herself in a "looney-bin" where it's fight or flight... but she discovers a strength she never knew she had.WATCH NOW!
Santa Claus vs. the Christmas Vixens
Four girls slip on lingerie to impress Santa after winning a car in a Christmas drawing. Whan Santa doesn't give them their prize, they give him a flogging he'll never forget!
Bite the Shark
Three caddy girls get so irritated with a movie crew checking out their backyard as a movie location, they fight back with a host of mean, really devious tricks.
Secret Sins Secret Sins
Sarah Jensen discovers a 70's porno film featuring an All-American sit-com star and soon becomes the target of a hooded stalker.

"Naked Shadows" COMING SOON

When a cute transient named Rainey is given shelter by sympathetic college girls, she repays them by hiding webcams in their bedrooms and secretly making a fortune.
"Be Careful What You Wish"

Charity, a precious, angel-faced blond
e must find a mysterious old Wizard who granted a wish for her, before she's stuck as a tobacco-chewing redneck forever.

Shattered Dreams & the Pretty Peach Martini"

Sweet, pretty Nicole moves to L.A. for a talent agent job, but finds she's fallen into a crazy, erotic, decadent Looney bin!


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