"Do not Invest in Movies... The Entertainment Industry is High Risk... a total Investment Mistake! Think inside the box and put your Money into something totally safe and predictable." - Some Lame Whiner

... But if you have more spirit of fun than the guy who wrote the above quote, you'll be making a 40% Return with a very modest investment in a fun, dynamic (and yes, risky) venture.

On which upcoming Project do you want to be Executive Producer?

Cheerleader Murder Mystery

Art House Comedy/Drama

Cheesy Horror

Here are some advantages of investing in a low budget shot-on-digital movie:

Minimal Investment. 40% Return for life.
Being Part of an Exciting, Creative Business.
Credit as an Executive Producer.
Income from a Product that can Sell for Years to Come in different markets.
Being Guest of Honor at the most exciting Movie Premiere you've ever been to!

Please Note: This site has no Adult-oriented material. These are contemporary B-Movies.


Check out sample previews from movies Written & Directed by Kirk Bowman.
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Bite the Shark
Comedy. Three cute girls get revenge on a Hollywood movie crew. Preview 1:53

Bittersweet Lies - Winner Best Feature - Golden Palmetto Int'l Film Competition - 2002
Drama/Comedy. Teens are the victims of a scam within a Lock-down facility. Preview: 1:50

MONTAGE of several Cranium Candy B-Movies
Quick clips - Counterfeit Treasures, CyberSex Kittens, Wish, Revenge of Mr. Willie, Bikini Beach Bust. 2:00

Get our classic B-Movie spoof "Revenge of Mr. Willie" ONLY $10. We mail it to you free (US residents only). VHS 108 mins. Must be 18+ to order due to excessive nudity.


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