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Brief Bio Kirk Bowman
Writer / Director


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"Hollywood Hotties Murder Mystery"

- Sexy Murder Mystery

Production Start Date: June 1, 2005
Running Time: 72 - 90 mins. (Feature Length)

Synopsis: A High School Graduation sleep-over turns into a nightmare when the pizza delivery guy is found murdered. The five "Hollywood Hotties" realize one amongst them is the vicious culprit.

About the Movie:
This video will star six up-and-coming 18 year old models who will also be involved in the production process. It is centered around a swim and slumber party. This video has no full nudity, but the girls wear very scanty clothing. It is kind-of tongue-in-cheek, but is also a real murder mystery that gives them a chance to "show their stuff". The girls will be interviewed during the productions to go on the site and onto the DVD.

Money Making Qualities:
We are creating a "group" - the "Hollywood Hotties". They do it with pre-packaged music groups, and this will be done with actresses. The girls and this video will have a fan site created for them. It will be unique in that it will be advertised as "their production", which is intended to generate interest. We're selling their personalities and fan site as much as the movie itself.



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