"Curse of the Pink Panties"

Sexy young starlets perform in online videos for a Lingerie Designer's contest.

Several do scarf juggling in panties, while another team does a gangster-themed video with pastel-colored squirt guns. A feisty girl - ASHLEY performs a black magic ceremony with her friends on camera… but at that very moment, a gun fight breaks out downtown during a botched jewel transaction. The spirits of these newly-dead Gangsters float into the sky… then they're sucked back to earth - right into the girls' panties.

The girls soon discover they are infested with something a lot more itchy than fleas! The gangster spirits hop from panty to panty... and burrow through the firewire to infect other video models who are uploading their videos.

In the meantime, GUIDO - the only gangster that escaped with a flesh wound, gets wind of the strange supernatural occurrence. His smuggler-friend Akbar had hidden the mother of all jewels - the Queen Shockra Jewel. Guido sets out to interrogate the gangster spirits in each model's panties till he can find the undies inhabited by Akbar.

The girls lead him to his long-lost friend - in Ashley's panties! Guido rushes her to the abandoned warehouse, but when Akbar sees his own dead body, his spirit is pulled away into the afterlife.

Can they find the Queen Shockra Jewel amongst the dead bodies? Will the girls be able to release the gangster spirits from their panties and live normal lives? Time is running out as they try to defeat the "Curse of the Pink Panties."

TRT: Approx. 78 mins.